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Taipei Free Public Area Free Wireless Connection Service:
Terms and Conditions of Use

Dear user, we’d like to welcome you to using the Taipei Free Public Area Free Wireless Connection Service (hereafter referred to as “Service”). To safeguard your right to access the Service, please read carefully through the Taipei Free Public Area Free Wireless Connection Service: Terms and Conditions of Use (hereafter referred to as “Terms”) before utilizing the Service. Once you begin utilizing the Service, you acknowledge that you have read the Terms and have agreed to accept all of its content.

A、Service User (hereafter referred to as “User”) Code of Conduct

1、Users shall not engage in any of the following activities:

(1)Sell, promote, or facilitate the sales of goods and services banned by law through the Internet.

(2)Publish, transmit, dispatch, or store any email, file, or data containing libel, fraudulent, damaging, obscene, pornographic, gambling, or other illegal contents.

(3)Publish, transmit, dispatch, or store any data which infringe the intellectual property rights or related proprietary rights of others.

(4)Collect email addresses and related personal information without the consent of others, intentionally damage the email boxes of others, or steal, alter, or damage data belonging to others, or endanger telecommunications.

(5)Make extracts or utilize any part or all of the contents in any database within the Service without the City Government’s consent.

(6)Publish, transmit, dispatch, or store computer virus, disrupt or damage the computer system in any manner, or run applications or transfer messages which improperly consumes connection bandwidth.

(7)Damage or disrupt the operation of the Service’s system or commit acts violating standard Internet protocol.

(8)Access the system of the Service or network related with the system without authorization, steal other people’s account, or falsify sender ID data in emails seeking to misguide or deceive email recipients.

(9)Interfere with or disrupt other users from accessing the Service.

(10)Disseminate chain letters, spams, advertisement, or other emails without the prior consent of the recipients, or email with ads or lack of concrete contents.

(11)Take any other actions which do not comply with the objectives of the Service, fail to comply with other international internet application customs, violate any part of the Terms or related regulations with sufficient proof, or endanger telecommunications.

2、The texts, images, pictures, other works or data on the website, and their associated copyrights and related intellectual property rights, belong to the respective companies or legal copyright holders who provide the texts, images, pictures, other works and data. Even if the companies or legal rights holders had agreed to grant Service users the right to use these contents based on then-determined licensing terms and conditions, such granted license is restricted to the personal use by the users. Regardless of whether license was granted beforehand, users cannot use the texts, images, pictures, or other works and data in the following ways:

(1)Sale, transfer, rental, lease, sublicense, as complimentary material for books, or other types of commercial use.

(2)Uploading to other websites, or providing the material for the use by others through any method.

(3)Pornography, insult, libel, illegal trades, or other actions violating copyright law or other regulations.

(4)Any form of changes or editing for the use of aforementioned purposes.

B、Method for Collecting Personal Data and Privacy Protection

1、The user agrees (equivalent to written constant under the Personal Information Act) to allow the City and vendors commissioned by the City to collect and store related logs generated by the server, including data such as IP device used for connecting, MAC address, AP location, use time, and browser employed.

2、User’s personal information will be protected and limited to usages in compliance with the Personal Information Protection Act and the Privacy and Security Policy of Taipei City Government websites.

3、The City will not sell, rent, or arbitrarily exchange the personal information of users with other parties or individuals, with the following exceptions:

(1)Cooperating with judicial agencies in conducting legal investigations.

(2)Cooperating with agencies of related authorities for uses or investigations within their scope of authority.

(3)Disclosing is required by law in its good faith belief or for management purposes in the interest of maintaining or improving website services.

(4)The Service promotes City information, provides other services, discounts, or offers through the personal information completed by the user. The user can freely choose whether to accept these targeted information, services, or other offers

C、Scope of Responsibilities, Disclaimer, and Limitations

1、With the exception of the following applications or those determined as requiring mandatory monitoring due to communication protocol, the Service enables internet broadband connection to all services:

(1)Video websites and websites offering multimedia services.

(2)P2P apps.


(4)Online Game.

(5)Websites with contents rated for mature audience only under the Regulations for the Rating of Internet Content.

(6)Other applications, communication protocols, or website/webpage determined by the City as requiring monitoring

2、In the case where Service cannot be provided due to changes in the environment (including, but not limited to, factors such as technology, interference, policy, and law), system maintenance, transition needs, or other events of force majeure, the Service may be adjusted, suspended, modified, or terminated based on actual needs and the City shall not incur liability or be held responsible for any loss on the part of users. Events of force majeure mean situation or event such as earthquake, typhoon, flood, fire, war, government actions, or incidents leading to connection loss of Type 1 Telecommunication enterprises.

3、The Service is limited to the use in terms of functions of each service available at the time and under current conditions. We are not liable for or shall not provide any sort of guarantee or warranty regarding meeting specific needs or requests of users, including but not limited to: connection speed, safety, reliability, comprehensiveness, accuracy, disconnection-free, and error-free.

4、Because the Service only provides wireless internet access, we are not responsible for any damages of users resulting from illegal access, attack, damage, or theft of any data by third parties against the user’s personal data information or computer. In the case where users distribute or extract data and programs over the Internet, he or she will be responsible for any legal consequences such actions may entail.

5、The Service does not guarantee the reliability or accuracy of the transmission process for emails, files, or data, nor does it guarantee the security, reliability, comprehensiveness, accuracy, disconnection-free, or error-free of the email, file, or data stored or transferred. The user shall be responsible for any loss of information or damages to the computer system during the transmission process or when saving email, file, or data.

6、The user understands and consents that the Service does not provide any sort of express or implied warranty. Any data obtained or downloaded through the Service, users should exercise their own discretions and be responsible for their own risks.

7、The City shall not be liable for any direct or indirect losses suffered by the user from accessing the Service.

D、Governing Law and Jurisdiction Court

1、The Terms shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of China (excluding the Act Governing the Choice of Law in Civil Matters Involving Foreign Elements or other related laws)

2、For all disputes related with the Terms, the user agrees that Taiwan Taipei District Court is the court with jurisdiction for the first instance.

3、If any part of the Term becomes invalid, it does not affect the legal effects of other portions.

4、Any user whose action breaches the rights of others will be legally responsible and bear the liabilities under civil and criminal law. If necessary, related authorities will be notified and he or she will be prosecuted according to law.

E、The City reserves the right to modify the Terms at any time. Any changes to the Terms will be announced on the user registration front page. Users will not be individually notified. If you do not agree with any of the changes to the Terms, please terminate your application for user service. By continuing to use the Service, you are indicating your acceptance of the amendment and changes to the Terms.