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What are the SSIDs for the Taipei Free wireless network service?
The indoor/outdoor hotspot SSID for the Taipei Free wireless network service is "TPE-Free".
What are the service areas for Taipei Free? How do I search for hotspots?
Service Area: Primarily public areas in Taipei City (private venues excluded) Taipei City Hall, 12 district administration centers, city libraries & branches, Taipei City Hospital & branches, Taipei MRT stations, and Metro malls.
What are the service hours for Taipei Free?
Taipei free provides unlimited free network service all-year around in outdoor public areas, while the service hours for indoor public areas correspond to business hours of the indoor area.
Who can use Taipei Free?
Taipei Free service is applicable to all and is not limited to Taipei citizens; whether you are a citizen of Taipei, a tourist in Taipei, from out of the country, or here on business trips, even foreign guests, the service is free and applicable to all with notebooks, pads, smart phones, or mobile devices within the wireless network coverage. Foreign passengers can also apply for an account at the airport or visitor centers to take advantage of this service.
How do I troubleshoot problems regarding Taipei Free?
If you have problems while using Taipei Free, please contact our 24-hour free customer service line 0809-031-081. Our service personnel will handle the following issues for you:
  1. Hotspot search
  2. Taipei Free official website information
  3. Network signal barriers and connection issues
How do I apply for Taipei Free services?
Account registration in advance is not necessary. Just search for our SSID "TPE-Free" in applicable service areas, and then connect to the service, and agree to the disclaimer, then enjoy free internet service.
Why can’t I access the net after being connected to TPE-Free?
If you are connecting to a https-encrypted protocol such as https://www.google.com.tw, maybe the system will not be able to transfer to the disclaimer page. Please connect to the http protocol. Need help? Call Local Toll Free Number: 0809-031-081。
Why am I disconnected not long after I connect to Taipei Free, and have to reconnect again?
The Wi-Fi signal used by Taipei Free has a smaller area of coverage. Disconnection would occur if you move out of the reception range of the signal. Please stay within the optimal coverage area in a fixed position while using Taipei Free services.
Is there a limit time on using the internet with Taipei Free?
For overall network system and improving bandwidth resource distribution, Taipei Free services conforms to wireless network system regulations adopted by current government agencies and private businesses. If continuous use for two hours, the system will automatically let the user out to avoid occupying public bandwidth for a prolonged duration of time, in respect for the rights of other users. If you require internet services after being logged out, you can reconnect to the hotspot and login again.
I have applied for mobile internet plans on my smartphone; what should I pay attention to when using Taipei Free services?
Taipei Free services are free of charge. If you have automatic connect functions enabled on your phone, using Taipei Free services on your smartphone in public areas may cause your phone to automatically switch to 4G/5G or other charged commercial wireless bandwidth services. We recommend to switch off 4G/5G network functions before using Taipei Free services. After using Taipei Free services, manually close your internet browser and Wi-Fi functions to avoid additional charges.
Why are some websites blocked from browsing?
Taipei Free is a free public Wi-Fi internet service provided by the Taipei City Government in public area. It complies with the safety and security mechanism of the public network of the existing government agencies. We blocked websites with restricted contents (ex. pornography, violence, etc.) for children and young people. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.
If the webpage you browse contains inappropriate content, you can report it to the ECPAT Taiwan web547 online. Reporting hotline: 02-25621233
To ensure you have the best experience when using the TPE-Free service, it is recommended to use the following system versions and hardware specifications.
Equipment model Recommended OS version Recommended Wireless Specifications
Apple iPhone Apple iOS15 or higher Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) or higher Support MIMO technology
Apple iPad Apple iPadOS 15 or higher Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) or higher Support MIMO technology
Apple Mac Apple macOS 12 or higher Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) or higher Support MIMO technology
Android Phone / Pad Android 12 or higher Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) or higher Support MIMO technology
Windows Laptop Windows 10 21H2 or higher Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) or higher Support MIMO technology